Scalp Repair Oil
Scalp Repair Oil

Scalp Repair Oil

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The Scalp Repair Oil has an all-natural formula that penetrates deep within the layers of the epidermis, bringing relief to an aggravated scalp all while gently strengthening the hair roots as it repairs damaged the scalp. The Scalp Repair Oil acts as a healing agent. It helps with itchy/dry scalp along with eliminating dandruff, all while still promoting hair growth! In this oil, there is Apricot Seed oil, Sunflower oil and so many other great ingredients that will help with aiding and healing the scalp.

Directions - Use directly on the scalp 3-5x a week. A little bit goes a long way! It is recommended to use directly after applying the Hair Growth Cream. Remember, hair grows directly from your scalp, so a healthy foundation is definitely necessary. Show your scalp a little TLC!

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